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This Cloud Museum is for learning with fun. As if you were at the scene, in an amusement park, flying with Blue Angels or walking on the Moon!

360 Virtual Reality (VR) simulator rides can turn your business into a tourist attraction. Our know-how in innovation, technology, service and education has made us an industry leader. We constantly strive to exceed your expectations.  We built the first unattended VR station in the world to save your operating cost ! 


Apollo 11 Lunar Landing

Experiencing lunar landings and photo with the astronauts


You can fly with Blue Angels' F-18 jet in an air show.

Is the guy behind you taking a selfie?


Marilyn can do it, you can be here too!

In Fleet Week of SFO

Holloween Special for pumpkin patches

                               DREAD EYE



Haunted Mansion  


Battle of Midway


You are witnessing the dive bomber runs in the Battle of Midway - The turning point of WW2. Absolutely!

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