The Iranian Revolutionary Guard could have avoided the misfiring at the Airliner with the virtual radar available in Tehran -

Virtual Radar Can Prevent Airliner Shoot Downs, Sheep May Safely Graze!          


Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down in July 2014, by a Russian-made surface-to-air missile without identifying it. This tragedy could have been avoided by an available technology that was meant to track and identify commercial aircraft. Such equipment and their amateur users are ubiquitous. A specific example is an aviation enthusiast website,, which was the first to publish the loss of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 in January 2020, when some Iranian civilian feeders in Tehran uploaded their airspace data to the website.

Such tragic losses of life could have been prevented. The objective of this video is to demonstrate the technology and know-how that should have been used to avoid accidental shoot down of commercial airliners. 

We are workers at NASA/Moffett Field in Silicon Valley, and part of the international aviation communities of users of virtual radar technology by means of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B). This technology collects local airspace aircraft movement data, then feeds crowd-sourcing websites like We had successfully tested these systems, and also applied the concepts onto other safety/surveillance/spying apps for smart phones, tablet or PC’s. Other similar apps are: Aircraft Spots twitter, OpenADSB, and

A best-known example of crowd-sourcing is Wikipedia, used globally (China excepted)., a Swedish crowd-sourcing website, is accumulating ADS-B flight data provided by feeders/contributors from all over the world. This is why the logs of the doomed Ukraine Flight 752 were published first by people, not by any government agency. Such a feat was timely even though the websites have an inherent delay of up to two minutes (latency plus processing time) for them to collect, process and filter such large amounts of data.

Only local feeders equipped with ADS-B radars can acquire the real-time, originally observed aircraft flight data about the sky immediately above them, as in the earlier cited Iranian civilian feeders in Tehran who provided inputs to Military air defense forces are using the system as a reference. It is as easy and fun as playing Pokemon Go that children love to do. However, the military of some totalitarian regimes have not as yet; possibly because they may lack knowledge exchanges and have undue concern over foreign conspiracy. To fill this void, the civilian aviation communities,, are willing to provide virtual radars free of charge to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and other potential users in areas of geopolitical tensions such as the South China Sea. This offer is on a strictly non-political, free of governmental oversight basis, solely to prevent accidental shoot down of airliners, thereby saving lives. To apply for the virtual radars, refer to the links presented in this YouTube video description

Airline accidents, though tragic, have contributed to improving airline safety throughout the decades. There are two noteworthy examples: (1) Korean Airlines KAL007, drifted off course into Soviet airspace, and was shot down in 1983. Two Sukhoi Su-15 fighter jets were ordered to intercept the airliner. The missile was launched without any attempt to contact the airliner by radio. Navigation had been a very tricky art, subject to errors. For centuries, dead reckoning was needed, but it has been said that dead reckoning could lead to death. To prevent such navigation errors from happening again, President Ronald Reagan announced the release of the then secret Global Positioning System (GPS) for civilian use. Glonass, Galileo and Beidou followed. (2) In July 1988 the USS Vincennes, a U.S. Navy guided missile cruiser, shot down Iran Air Flight 655, mistook the Airbus A300 as an Iranian Air Force F-14 fighter jet after trying radio contacts. The incident may have been caused by Flight 655 failing to identify itself. The U.S. government issued notes of regrets and provided compensation to the victims. It was subsequently determined that an automatic airliner identification system would have prevented this incident; ADS-B was the solution. 

These two and many other accidents prompted the release of advanced U.S. defense technologies such as GPS, the Internet, Cloud computing, digital photography, to support civilian aircraft safety. These technologies are now in everyday use by most people without appreciating the stories behind. The airliner identifying ADS-B had been advocated by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) since the last century. Furthermore, ADS-B has the potential for being an online, real-time or Cloud flight data recorder (black box), ensuring no aircraft will disappear into thin air as did Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, the most outrageous mystery in aviation history. Nor will there be the expensive recovery of flight data recorders as those of Air France Flight 447 in the Ocean. It is an international effort for all the sovereign nations’ Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) mandated ADS-B. China is playing a major role of making the equipment.

The ADS-B virtual radars can be stationary or mobile. Because building the system is challenging, the civilian aviation communities, and others have provided instructional videos; the links are provided in the description. Our experience shows, and it is strongly recommended that, the stationary radar be built first, and then converted to mobile if needed. We are showing the instructional video of building mobile radar for studying the signal characteristics which is not available elsewhere. The basic components are similar: a software defined radio (SDR), an antenna, optional band-pass filter, and the computer - a Raspberry PI 3, all of which are made in China, can be purchased online. As stated above, the civilian aviation communities can provide ready-to-use equipment for free to selected parties as mentioned above

We are located in NASA/Moffett Federal Airfield. Our ADS-B radar is tracking 145 aircraft over the busy San Francisco Bay Area, with a radar range of 200 nautical miles. The antenna is mounted on top of a vehicle, while the receiver, radar computer and power supplies are inside. A smartphone is used as the hot spot Wi-Fi; the virtual radar and a tablet are connected wirelessly while the tablet is used as the radar screen. A Wi-Fi hot spot is required to be in effective range between the radar and display tablet. 

We also learned from the aviation enthusiasts in Taiwan about their ADS-B radars watching the sky over Taipei. There were air power muscle shows between the USAF and Communist China’s PLA. PLA’s H-6 bombers (replicas of the Soviet Badger) flew around Taiwan before the general election, and during the pandemic 2020. This is Aircraft Spots’ records of the B-52’s from Guam flying over the Taipei Flight Information Region (FIR) to support Taiwan.

This video is dedicated to the memory of Ernest Mac McCauley, the pilot of the ill-fated B-17 Flying Fortress Nine-O-Nine of the Collings Foundation. He and the crew kindly allowed us to perform flight tests of the, ADS-B and safety surveillance systems, on both the B-17 and B-25 Mitchell bombers. 





马来西亚航空公司MH17航班在2014年7月未经识别就被俄罗斯的地对空导弹击落。当时就已经有跟踪和识别商用民航机的技术可避免这类悲剧的错误。这种装置及其业余使用者已无所不在。 2020年又发生的一次是航空迷网站FlightRadar24.com首先发布了乌克兰国际航空752号班机坠落的消息,资讯就是由伊朗的业余航空迷在德黑兰上传去该网站,提供了德黑兰地区虚拟雷达所见当时的空域情况。



我们是在硅(矽)谷NASA / Moffett机场的工作人员,也是使用自动相依监视广播(Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast ADS-B)虚拟雷达技术的国际航空迷社区的成员。这技术会自动收集当地空域的飞机飞行数据,然后上传至FlightRadar24.com或其他的众包(Crowd Sourced) 网站。我们已经成功测试了这些系统,并将概念应用于其他平台,如智能手机,平板电脑或PC的其他安全/监视/间谍应用程序,如 Aircraft Spots twitter,OpenADSB和。


最有名的众包网站就是维基百科Wikipedia,它在全球查寻知识(中国除外)。 FlightRadar24.com是在瑞典的众包网站,累积来自世界各地的航空迷/贡献者提供的ADS-B飞航数据。这就是为什么不幸的乌克兰752航班的记录是由一般的小市民首先发布的,而不是任何政府机构。但网站会有的最多两分钟的延迟(由于传播和处理的时间),虽不能实时,网站收集处理和过滤大量数据所需的时间仍然很及时。 


只有配备ADS-B虚拟雷达的当地航空迷才有实时(Real time)原始的飞机飞行数据,就像前所提及伊朗德黑兰的航空迷一样,替FlightRadar24.com提供当地飞航资讯。军方防空部队也使用该系统作为参考,操作起来和Pokemon Go游戏更容易又好玩,小学生也会用。但有些极权政权的军事人员尚未使用该系统,可能是因为他们欠缺知识交流,并且对外国阴谋论有不当的耽心。为了填补这飞安的空窗, 等航空爱好者的网站可以给伊朗革命卫队,中国在南海的人民解放军,以及偏远地区的用户免费提供虚拟雷达以识别民航机。此举完全基于非政治目的,不受外国政府所管,仅用于防止民航机意外被击落,而挽救生命。申请虚拟雷达,请参阅本视频说明中提供的链接。


航空事故虽然悲惨,但在过去几十年中一直为改善飞安做出了贡献。有两个值得注意的例子:(1)大韩航空KAL007,于1983年偏离航道进入苏联领空被击落。两架Sukhoi Su-15战斗机拦截该客机。导弹发射前没有尝试以无线电联系客机。导航是一门非常棘手的技艺,容易出错。几个世纪以来,一直需要用推算法(Dead Reckoning)估算位置。推算有可能导致死亡迷航。为了防止再次发生此类导航错误,李根(Ronald Reagan)总统宣布公开当时还是极机密的全球定位系统(GPS)给民航机使用。之后的Glonass, Galileo, 北斗也都开放民用。 (2)1988年7月,美国海军导弹巡洋舰万森号(US Vincennes)击落了伊朗航空公司的655航班,在尝试无线电联系没回应后,将空中巴士A300误认为是伊朗空军的F-14战斗机。事件可能是由于655航班未做识别回应而引起的。美国政府表示遗憾,并向受害者家属提供了赔偿。因而发觉,若有一个自动班机识别系统就可以防止这类事件发生;解决方案就是ADS-B。


起事故以及其他飞安意外介入了美国开放先进的国防科技,例如GPS,互联网,云端运算,数码摄影术,以改善民航机的安全。现在,大多数人每天都在使用这些科技,而没能够体认其背后的故事。 自上个世纪以来,美国联邦航空局(FAA)和国际民用航空组织(ICAO)一直在倡导识别民航机的ADS-B。此外,ADS-B还有潜能成为一在线, 实时或云端的飞行数据记录器(黑匣子),从而确保不会有飞机会像大马航空MH370那样在空气中消失,航空史上最荒唐的悬案。也不会像法国航空447航班,非得在大海捞针那样昂贵地打捞 飞行数据记录器。这是一项国际间共同的努力成果,因为所有主权国家的民航局(CAA)都规定使用ADS-B。中国在设备制造方面有重要层次地位


ADS-B虚拟雷达可以是固定的也可以是机动式的。于安装系统具有相当的挑战性,民航界,FlightRadar24.com等提供了教学视频;链接也在说明中。我们的经验建议使用者先做固定式雷达,然后再看需要改换为机动式雷达。在此示範在別處沒有的机动雷达之组装教学视频,我们用于进行研究信号特性。基本组件相同:都可以在网上购买,软件定义的无线电(SDR),天线,带通滤波器和计算机-Raspberry PI 3,它们全部在中国制造。如上文所述,航空迷社群可以向某些当事方免费提供现成的设备。


我们位于NASA /莫菲特联邦机场。平日ADS-B雷达可在拥挤的旧金山湾区追踪145架飞机,雷达范围接近200海里。天线放在车顶上,而接收器,雷达计算机和电源都在车内。另需用智能手机作景点Wi-Fi无线连接平板电脑用作雷达屏幕。Wi-Fi热点必须位于雷达与平板屏幕之间的有效距离内。 


本视讯特别为纪念Ernest Mac McCauley先生(科林斯基金会不幸的B-17飞行堡垒九零九飞行员)而制作。他和机组人员好心允许我们在B-17和B-25 Mitchell二战老鸟上做ADS-B飞安监视系统TrackView进行飞测。

可以用您自己智能设备屏幕上看美國空軍的 B-52H, B-1B 飛往台北飛航情報區。






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国家民航当局 - 美国联邦航空局,欧洲空中航行安全组织,民航局应该向航空公司发布指南,提供机上WiFi服务和重复的中继GPS信号。群众资源汇集和人工智能可以在当今的云端基础架构中发挥安全作用。 在线黑匣子已水到渠成准备就绪。实时黑匣子分析可能会救了法航447的意外,马航370更不至于凭空消失。









 一閃  一閃     亮晶晶,      滿天都是       小星星 ?!




20世纪60年代,美国空军有一个秘密载人航天计划用以取代中情局U-2间谍飞机,U-2曾多次在俄罗斯,古巴和中国上空被击落。此太空计划仍未正式解密(PBS NOVA Astrospies)。前太空间谍宇航员詹姆斯•艾布罕森(James A. Abrahamson)在里根政府期间执行战略防御先导计划(SDI),也被Hollywood俗称为“星战”计划。从空军退役后,艾布罕森协调过一项空中交通与安全的前瞻计划项目。确认黑匣子(即飞行数据记录器)应该在线,而不是绑在飞机上。美国联邦航空管理局(FAA广播式的自动相依监视 - ADS-B)系统可以扩增,以覆盖雷达的“盲点”-超过90%海洋上的空域。











以下的飞航测试是在通用航空飞机和航空公司航班上进行的。它们可以在PCApple iOSAndroid设备上运作。踪视通“TrackView”,也称为“Find My Phone”,具有实时视频监控功能, Apple的对应“Find My iPhone/FaceTime”。TrackViewFind iphone etc. 证明了在线黑匣子和FAA ADS-B的愿景。如果当时被人们所熟知和使用,它们本可以解决马来西亚MH370,史上最神秘的航空之谜。类似的应用程序肯定会在未来改善飞航和人身安全。踪视通 TrackView / Find My Phone可从App storePlay storetrackview.net下载。


从加利福尼亚州圣地亚哥起飞到圣何塞的西南航班2397示范了该系统如何运作。机载设备是三星Galaxy S4。地面站各别在舒适的圣何塞的家里和SJC机场,使用PC和谷歌Nexus 5在飞行测试期间,机载设备每五秒钟回报其位置到地面站,地面站随时可查看听到客舱内情况。只在起飞和降落期间有非常短暂的无线网络连接关闭期。





在飞行期间由地面站实时录制的西南航班上的视频和语音播放。 仅凭夜视的功能就可解开马航之谜。













在线黑匣子之范例:将两个智能设备上的飞行姿态指示器与波音777上的飞行数据显示进行比较。显示的飞行数据是一致的。 智能设备和应用程序未经过认证。 它们目前仅作参考用。

注意:地面速度和空气速度的差异是Jet Stream效果。




国的民航当局 - 美国联邦航空局,欧洲空中航行安全组织,民航局应该向航空公司发布指南,提供机上WiFi服务和中继GPS信号。群众资源和人工智能可以在当今的云端基础架构中发挥安全作用。 在线黑匣子已水到渠成准备就绪。实时黑匣子分析可能会救了法航447之类的意外,马航370更不至于凭空消失。






用于飞行測试通用航空飞行器是使用Collings Foundation 二戰時期的 B-25 MitchellB-17 飞行堡壘轰炸机。这架B-25飞机从山景城的NASA / Moffett Field飞往旧金山湾,然后飞到金银岛附近廻轉。 T-mobile是我们的智能手机的電話公司。谷歌Nexus 5是机载设备,一台PC在地面站。由于该地区的电话公司服务範圍限制,如果超过1,000英尺,飞机就失去与地面站的联系。截至今天,互联网由电话或有线电视公司提供。当有区域或全球互联网接入服務时,通用航空应用就会更实际。该類服务将由低地球轨道(LEOStarlink卫星,无人驾驶自动驾驶飞行载具(UAV)或气球提供。 SpaceXFacebook,谷歌和其他公司正在努力实现这一目标。


SpaceX称,他们的服务将于2020年开始,在线黑匣子已经准备好了。有一些像John DenverJohn F. Kennedy Jr. 的私人飞行员需要实时关注,如有虚拟的飞行教练在场以保障他们的安全。

Welcomed to visit the physical Museum 


NASA/Moffett Field Museum in Mountain View, California 

at the Heart of Silicon Valley



Military trivia to celebrate 100 years of the end of the Great War and "Tank?" -
Why the word "Tank" means a military armored vehicle equipped with guns and driven by track belts
When the armored vehicles were invented in World War One, it was an absolute top secret. The word "Tank" is used as a code name to distract German spies. The word "Tank" had a whole new meaning ever since. By the same token, when the proximity fuse was invented in WW2, it was code-named as a Variable Timed VT fuse. None of the American fleet carriers was sunk since then. It was so secret that U.S. Navy did not allow U.S. Army to use them, fearing that one maybe fallen into enemy hands. Not until the Battle of the Bulge, when the Army suffered great losses. Gen. George Patton was very delighted to see the smart weapon. Had he known that the Navy had been hiding the secret weapon from the Army for two years, what you think he would say? 
The military has a long history of innovations before Apple, Google, NASA and Silicon Valley. Learn how the American airmen changed the course of WW2 by innovated tactics. How the proximity fuses had saved American fleets from Kamikaze attacks, and shot down German V-1 missiles over England? How U.S. Navy and British Bletchley park code-breakers "hacked" top-secret Japanese and German military communications (Midway 1976 and 2019, The Imitation Game 2014 movies). Roosevelt and Churchill must be laughing secretly throughout WW2. 
The geese that laid the golden eggs, and never cackled.” – Winston Churchill





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