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Military trivia to celebrate 100 years of the end of the Great War and "Tank?" -
Why the word "Tank" means a military armored vehicle equipped with guns and driven by track belts
When the armored vehicles were invented in World War One, it was an absolute top secret. The word "Tank" is used as a code name to distract German spies. The word "Tank" had a whole new meaning ever since. By the same token, when the proximity fuse was invented in WW2, it was code-named as a Variable Timed VT fuse. None of the American fleet carriers was sunk since then. It was so secret that U.S. Navy did not allow U.S. Army to use them, fearing that one maybe fallen into enemy hands. Not until the Battle of the Bulge, when the Army suffered great losses. Gen. George Patton was very delighted to see the smart weapon. Had he known that the Navy had been hiding the secret weapon from the Army for two years, what you think he would say? 
The military has a long history of innovations before Apple, Google, NASA and Silicon Valley. Learn how the American airmen changed the course of WW2 by innovated tactics. How the proximity fuses had saved American fleets from Kamikaze attacks, and shot down German V-1 missiles over England? How U.S. Navy and British Bletchley park code-breakers "hacked" top-secret Japanese and German military communications (Midway 1976 and 2019, The Imitation Game 2014 movies). Roosevelt and Churchill must be laughing secretly throughout WW2. 
The geese that laid the golden eggs, and never cackled.” – Winston Churchill





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